Hi Guys & Girls, Here is where we will tell the story of the Voiceover Band. In doing so, we will explore the musical family tree of the band and how it came to be in its present form. I hope you enjoy the saga of an unusual little band.
Why do I say unusual? Because this band has members that for the most part have been playing music on a continues basis since the sixties (in some cases the 50's) continuously with out a break. That means when you hear an oldie, they have been playing it since it was a new hit!  So here we go Once upon a time there was a group of fellows that loved music. They didn’t know each other yet but their destiny was to come together and here is the story.

First of all we must all agree music is important now and has been throughout history. In the beginning of the movie Mr. Rock and Roll there is a cartoon story about how Rock and Roll evolved from classical, big band, jazz, old time country and then to rock. Well while that was happening in the late 40's 60's & 60's we were there drinking in each new hit with musical joy and have been playing them ever since,

My Mom and Dad had some friends Al & Pauline Rumrill who had a daughter named Marian who was about five years older than us, who was a complete Rock & Roll fan. From her we were turned on to: Elvis, Buddy Holly, Everly Brothers, Fats Domino and it goes on and on. I can still remember seeing my first Fender Telecaster guitar on the cover of one of her records and thinking how perfect a thing it must be to be able to play one of those! I  knew my life was changing.  At that time we lived in Stockton California after moving there from New York City a few years earlier.

The Gene Thorpe Band aims to please the crowd that wants top musical arrangements with excellent musicianship, and attitude!