About Us

Voiceover is.... a versatile group that presents an excellent verity of fun danceable song favorites from the fifties, sixties, seventies to present hits. Great vocals, Patter and quick paced sets are a trademark of this seasond band. Every member of Voiceover is a gentleman in the truest sense of the word; all have their own unique brand of wit; and all bring an intense passion for music and performing to every single gig. They're always happy to meet fans, so be sure and say hello at the next performance.

Skip Craun- Drums, Vocals

The band's 'skin specialist', Skip is the heartbeat of the Band. More than just pounding out a time signature, Skip interacts with his fellow musicians, working his runs and fills around their own, augmenting the snap and pop they deliver. Complex beat patterns never confuse the rhythm; he realizes that his service as a metronome for the rest of the band is critical to a snappy, professional performance, when to play; when not to play—Skip knows the value of a well-placed pause during a tune,

Gene Thorpe - Guitar.  vocals

Gene Thorpe has been part of the Sacramento music scene for decades, both as a performer and an entrepreneur. While you don't often hear Gene play a lead during their shows, when he does, it is always polished to perfection, whether it's a sweet solo from the 50s, or a blistering blues riff. His sense of timing is steady, putting just the right choice of feel into the tunes.

Allen Purdy - Bass & Vocals

Some bass players are really just frustrated guitarists, and their style often conflicts with the other instruments in the band because they don't truly understand the power of the bass and its position in an ensemble. Not Allen. He started as a bass player many moons ago. His bass provides the foundation the band builds each performance upon., the bass is the root of the music, reinforcing the drums, and anchoring the other instruments. With a good bass player, a band sounds clean, crisp, solid, organized—arranged—which is exactly what Allen brings to the VoiceOver Band.

The Voiceover welcomes Grammy nominated Allen Purdy to the group! Gene & Allen Played together in the last incarnation of the Yukon Daily Band in 1968-69. Allen was formerly the bass player for The Fugitives, a Sacramento, California group whose first big success was at the 1964 Surfer's Convention at the State Fairgrounds, when they set the attendance record for Sacramento rock and roll shows. The Fugitives opened for many famous acts, including The Rolling Stones, The Byrds, The Kinks, The Beau Brummels and Paul Revere and the Raiders.

After making a number of personnel changes (lead singer and both guitarists), the band's style had changed to pop rock, and they headed to Los Angeles. They recorded nine songs at Western Recorders (as The Grimfacqles) with The Beach Boys' engineer, Chuck Britz. The band's manager, Dan Steward, tried to interest a major label in the Western sessions but was met with indifference. Those recordings subsequently disappeared and have remained lost despite several research attempts to find them.

The band later returned to Los Angeles to appear on the nation-wide television show, Hollywood A Go-Go. They returned to Northern California, where the band was a wildly popular center of the Davis-Sacramento music scene and known throughout Northern California for their playing of originals and cover versions of The Beatles and other top rock groups. Their success continued until the band finally broke up in late 1966, but not before the remarkable energy they expressed was captured. An early 2-track recording of The Fugitives' high-energy "Blowin' My Mind", written by the group's Laramy Smith and Alan Purdy, recorded in Sacramento at Bill Rase/Ikon Studios and engineered by Eirik Wangberg, was selected for inclusion on the CDThe Sound of Young Sacramento, a compilation released in the UK in 2000 that was put together by Alec Palao for the London, England based company, Ace Records, a subsidiary of Big Beat Records.

On May 11, 2007, The Fugitives were honored again when the Sacramento Archives and Museum Collection Center (SAMCC) released a 45rpm vinyl record of four songs by four influential '60s-era Sacramento bands for the exhibit, "Hearing our History". The Fugitives' "Blowin' My Mind" is one of the four tracks on the record, and a photo of The Fugitives band is on theSAMCC vinyl's cover.

After the band split up, Smith released a record on ATCO produced by David Briggs, Neil Young's producer. In 1968 Smith produced a number of recordings with his group Phoenixincluding "Los Angeles" co-produced with Laramy's long time pal Eirik Wangberg, Paul McCartney's producer, recorded at Sound Recorders in Hollywood, with ex-Byrd Gene Clark, featured on M 1998 album title 'Flying High". Gene Clark moved on to Dillard & Clark and in 1972 Smith created yet another band, Arizona with Sneaky Pete Kleinow, pedal steel king ofThe Flying Burrito Brothers. In 1974 Smith moved on to Europe where for 26 years he toured 16 countries and released recordings on Columbia and EMI records. Smith is still active in the music industry, as is Wayne Bruns.[citation needed] Alan Purdy is now a successful real estate mogil in northern California. Frank Gallindo, who retained The Fugitives band name, is a musician in Sacramento.

Allen is a great person and has played in some of the finest bands in Northern California. Some bass players are really just frustrated guitarists, and their style often conflicts with the other instruments in the band because they don't truly understand the power of the bass and its position in an ensemble. Allen does!